Fintech - 7 min read
What it actually costs to build a fintech solution

We’ve previously discussed our conviction that building a fintech solution on our platform is quicker, easier, and better in every way than trying to do it in-house. Cost and time to market are two of the most critical aspects of a project, so we thought we’d lay out all our expenditures in order. Bear in […]

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Fintech - 6 min read
How fintech SaaS is generating companies multi-million dollar savings

The use of software-as-a-service (SaaS) has surged in the fintech space in recent years. SaaS has become critical to the massive rise of fintech in the wider financial services industry. A mere ten years ago, many market observers still considered fintech to be a peripheral trend that would come and go. However, in the last […]

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Fintech - 5 min read
Fintech trends for 2023

While fintech has grown year-on-year since 2010, it has really advanced since 2020. This rapid acceleration is set to continue in 2023, with many factors coming together to cause major waves (tsunamis, in fact) in the fintech space. Some of the most important drivers of trends include increasing pressure from regulatory authorities worldwide, the state […]

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Legal - 4 min read
The necessity of compliance

One of the hottest topics in fintech right now is related to processes that need to occur prior to any sort of software development. “Compliance” is the banner term used to refer to adherence to all the national and international regulations that must be followed in order to release a compliant financial product. Releasing software […]

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Design - 8 min read
The indispensable role of a design system in fintech growth

To understand what a design system is, we first need to understand what is meant when the term “design” is used. In the past, “graphic design” referred almost exclusively to print materials based on handicraft processes. The new digital reality completely changed the discipline. The means to manipulate virtual assets gave workers new capabilities, such […]

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Banking - 6 min read
A brief guide to open banking

In just a few years, open banking laws have gone global. Scores of countries around the world have followed the European Union’s lead by creating their own version of open banking regulation. While some are at different stages of development, the global financial system is increasingly “open”. What is open banking? Open banking is legislation […]

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SaaS - 7 min read
The inevitability of fintech SaaS

Fintech is swiftly moving to become a concept offered nearly exclusively through software-as-a-service (SaaS). That’s a big claim, but one that is inescapable to make if you observe the historical waves of online technology dominance and renewal. The SaaS paradigm isn’t a flash in the pan fad, it’s the B2B manifestation of a larger connected […]

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People - 5 min read
We are diverse, not just “committed to diversity"

It has been 53 years since the Stonewall Uprising and the subsequent foundation of annual Gay Pride demonstrations, first in the USA then worldwide. Those demonstrations have, over time, given way to parades and celebrations. Both types of gathering have been seminal in the evolution of gay rights – from being something discussed as a […]

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Banking - 8 min read
Embedded finance: The future of disruptive banking?

Embedded finance enables any company to incorporate banking products such as lending, BNPL, payment services, wallets, and rewards direct into their customer experience as a service within their range—and without having to redirect users to a third party. That means they can integrate payments on their site so buyers need not enter their card details […]

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Fintech - 5 min read
7 benefits of digital onboarding

Traditional onboarding sees new clients have to pencil a window into their busy schedules to visit you onsite, then spend hours signing documents, discussing company policies and procedures, and watching presentations. It can be a time-consuming and even frustrating process—but, accelerated by the pandemic, it’s no longer the onboarding of choice for most forward-thinking enterprises. […]

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Banking - 7 min read
How digital banking empowers customers

The pandemic might have brought the importance of digital banking to the attention of a much broader array of customers—but it merely expedited a phenomenon that was already making waves among tech-savvy consumers and perturbing the incumbent banks.  Traditional banking methods, whether in a branch, by phone, or at an ATM, lost much appeal during […]

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Banking - 7 mins read
The future of digital banking

Digitization has taken the world by storm, with advanced analytics and technology penetrating every industry. Fintech companies have their sights set on the banking industry, positioned to supersede its primacy—but all manner of challengers are right behind them, with non-banks and corporates looking to embed financial service offerings into their customer journeys at lightning speed. […]

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Fintech - 5 min read
The race to hyper-personalization: It's no longer just about incumbents vs challengers

The digital age has seen the inexorable rise of tailor-made offerings delivering personalized products, services, and pricing to customers. Over the past decade, banks have deployed increasingly customized offerings such as micro-segmentation and packaged products and services to boost customer loyalty and maintain their competitive advantage. And one thing has become clear: this is no […]

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Fintech - 9 min read
To build or to buy: The 10 factors CIOs must consider

As customers demand ever more personalised and consistent omnichannel communication—and inadvertently drive digital transformation in the process—every business is compelled to design and deliver exceptional experiences both online and offline. This exploration leads to companies investing in unified customer profiles which rely on machine learning to power intelligent decisions in real time. Traditionally this entailed […]

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