Get to know Toqio with Michael Pierce

Michael Pierce

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I’m a results-driven professional who’s had quite the adventure from Boston to Berlin. Along the way, I’ve worked on over fifty fintech solutions in Europe and the USA, focusing on digital transformation, launching great new products, and helping companies grow.

As Vice President of Sales at Toqio, I get to shape our sales strategy and drive revenue growth. I’m all about the digital democratization of finance and super excited to be part of Toqio's journey. Oh, I also love skiing and hiking in my free time.

What drew you to Toqio?

Embedded finance is red hot at the moment as it empowers businesses to enhance existing offerings, build new solutions or marketplaces and hyper personalize where needed.

There is a strong use case for it in supply chains for corporates with large distribution networks which is where Toqio is finding success with its financial orchestration platform. The ability to create and shape something is really the exciting part, not just from a company and team perspective but from a market perspective. This has been a common theme in Toqio since I joined. The character, behaviors, and mannerisms of everyone in the organization have been very positive and great, which makes a huge impact.

Toqio has massive potential with a solid blueprint for achieving its goals and the flexibility to react to market changes if needed.

What makes Toqio special?

We are opening up a brand new market, which requires a lot of entrepreneurial spirit, smart ideas, and the ability to communicate those effectively.

This entrepreneurial spirit is a key quality ingrained at Toqio. We are a very non-hierarchical organization, providing an environment where continuous learning and development happen very quickly. This allows for rapid advances within the organization. We are a continually changing company, which prevents complacency and ensures ongoing growth and progress.

What are you most excited about for the future?

The opportunity to be a leader in a new market and industry is incredibly exciting. The growth trajectory of embedded finance is staggering, estimated to be $7.2T by 2030 according to AWS.

It really reflects where the evolution of financial services is heading and a good indicator of adaptability within corporate and merchant ecosystems. In 5-10 years, embedded finance and the SaaS fintechs who cater to this will become the industry standard. I'm thrilled about the exciting developments happening on our product side and with our customers, who are poised to be industry leaders. Toqio is at the beginning of its big growth phase and is about to enter a hyperscale mode, which is a very exciting phase for the company.

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