Platform overview

The Toqio platform is designed to help businesses create and integrate financial products from across multiple providers seamlessly and efficiently into one cohesive system. Create a centralized view of your solutions to simplify management while enhancing efficiency.
Execute what you need to grow your business.

A lean and flexible architecture


dashboard layer

Custom-configured for every customer, the dashboard layer lets you view all your embedded products, data and transactions at a glance.



feature layer 

Manage complex tasks efficiently, such as toggling products on/off or setting transaction limits. Create custom workflows to fuel your growth.


marketplace layer

Connect with top-tier partners and offer valuable solutions to your customers. Create and monetize your own custom solutions.



orchestration layer

Our foundation connects seamlessly with any system: banks, lenders, CRMs, ERPs, and others. You can add, remove, or switch providers effortlessly.

Key features

Modular and customizable solutions

Toqio provides a wide array of modular services and over 300 configurable UI elements, allowing businesses to tailor their financial offerings to meet specific needs and branding requirements.

Comprehensive compliance and security

The platform includes advanced security measures like KYC/KYB checks and full GDPR compliance to ensure the safety and legality of financial operations.

Marketplace integration

Toqio's Marketplace offers additional features from trusted financial service providers which businesses can easily integrate into their systems, creating new revenue streams and enhancing service offerings.

Rapid deployment

With Toqio, businesses can bring financial solutions to market in just a few weeks, significantly reducing the time and cost associated with traditional software development.

Open ecosystem

Our platform is integration-friendly: We can connect with any financial or non-financial service provider to support your vision with the products you need. 

Data analytics

Pull financial and non-financial data from multiple sources (ERPs, CRMs, and others) into the Toqio environment. Gather granular data on your merchant network to extract deep business insights in near real-time, then build the solutions they need to enable monetization and growth opportunities.

Financial modules you can build with

Take advantage of everything Toqio has to offer by leveraging modular financial services from a robust network of trusted partners.

  • Orchestrate an array of financial products from multiple providers including accounts, cards, point-of-sale, loans, payments and acquiring.
  • Offer hyper-personalized financial services in your brand's look and feel.
  • Use powerful tools to build the products and experiences your network needs.

Ensure you’re including market-leading compliance and security

Integrate all your data and systems in one place

Get all your existing business systems talking to each other then orchestrate everything from one place. Integrate all your products and services, including your CRM, ERP, banking, lending, and other systems.

Our platform exists as a unified, cloud-native, and secure API environment that empowers you to build, brand, configure, and deploy financial experiences that matter.


Before you jump in the pool, make sure to play in the sandbox

With all the configuration options at your disposal, you’re going to want to test a highly complex embedded finance solution before you go live. Take advantage of a completely open sandbox environment and review your offering as much as you like. When you’re comfortable with the results, hit the button and launch it!

Before you jump in the pool, make sure to play in the sandbox

Launch in weeks, not months
or years