Unlock revenue streams

Offer monetization and growth opportunities at the point of need to drive higher merchant retention and strengthen your supply chain.


Drive a better experience

Solidify the relationships you have with your merchants by offering the exclusive and premier financial services they genuinely need.


Tap into better offerings

Unbundle existing products and reconfigure them into new and valuable offerings you can easily take to your merchants.


Access enhanced data

Gather and analyze financial and non-financial data for a comprehensive view of your merchant network. Help top performers grow and laggards thrive.

Build a financial ecosystem on a single platform
where everybody wins

Bring together your financial partners, SME distributors, and merchants in one place using one interface.
Then, orchestrate, build, and deploy tailored financial products that meet the needs of your end-distribution channels.

Corporate gains

Elevate your business with access to top-tier financial products that can help you to boost profits, cut costs, streamline operations, and enhance customer satisfaction to secure success in dynamic markets.

Financial partner gains

Your financial partners can now benefit from direct access to your distribution ecosystem, enabling them to reduce risk with improved SME data and expanded reach of their financial products and services.


Merchant gains

By streamlining the funding process for your merchants with easy access to alternative lenders and versatile loan repayment terms, you can improve their cash flow with automated payments and enable them to enjoy more agile and flexible financial services.

How it works

Deliver the right solution at the right time

Access premier financial products aggregated from multiple providers to:

  • Develop powerful propositions for your merchants using no-code/low-code tools.
  • Leverage data to modify and improve your existing offerings and boost customer success and purchases.
  • Tap into potential new revenue streams  by building bespoke marketplaces.
  • Enhance the impact of your corporate identity with branded applications.
supply chain distribution with happy people

Launch faster with a fully configurable platform
that's easy to change and manage

Go from concept to market in as little as eight to twelve weeks. Link common banking or bespoke financial services to your existing offerings on a fully branded and completely compliant platform.



Our no-code/low-code environment enables non-banking tech talent to build embedded financial propositions, no matter how complex they are.


Cloud-native, API-driven

The Toqio platform offers a resilient, scalable architecture with bank-grade security and full regulatory compliance. It’s all built in.


The platform as aggregator

Connect to a robust network of trusted third-party financial service and non-financial service providers, all of whom are as compliant as we are.

The Toqio platform as your growth accelerator

Toqio offers powerful, user-friendly financial tools and products through a global network of banks and financial partners. Enhance your core offerings or create new financial channels for shared value.

Our automated finance orchestration platform drives growth, operational efficiency, and supply chain resilience, helping you outmanoeuvre the competition.

8% uplift

in new customer acquisition

2x increase

in repeat order value

3x savings

on time to market

Everything you need in one place

Build tailored, frictionless, and personalized finance journeys designed for your industry.

Our solutions

  • Card acquiring
  • Cash collection
  • Direct debit

Revenue collections

Empower your merchants by eliminating cash flow issues and understanding transaction patterns, sales trends, and seasonal fluctuations. Our platform combines flexible financial services at competitive rates. Easily monitor revenue streams like PoS, A2A, digital cash, and DD collections with automated control and visibility.

Key benefit: 5-8% uplift in revenue driven by higher order value and gross merchandise volume.

  • Cards
  • Digital wallets
  • Payment orchestration
  • Bank accounts

Digital cash distribution

Distribute cash digitally via topped up cards, digital wallets with control over spending limits, currencies, and more.

Obtain a completely holistic view of your spend with consolidated tracking on our platform.

Key benefit:  operational efficiency through automation

Digital cash distribution on Toqio
  • Invoice processing
  • Invoice reconciliation
  • Expense management

Payment automation and reconciliation

Never miss a payment.  Streamline distribution network payment processes by connecting your ERP directly to Toqio.

Our solution automates payment rules for bulk collections and offers flexible payment terms, simplifying reconciliation and ensuring timely payments.

Key benefit: ~8% in cost savings driven by automation of manual tasks and faster, more accurate collections.


B2B payment automation with Toqio
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Invoice financing
  • Asset financing
  • Growth financing
  • Commercial mortgage

Liquidity through lending

Unlock financial flexibility for your merchants with access to cash advances and short-term loans using your data. Automate loan repayments and PoS splits and enjoy flexible lending from your balance sheet (optional) or third-party lenders. Incentivize long-term commitments with competitive lending terms.

Key benefit: Achieve a 15-20% financial boost through increased order value and GMV, new revenue streams, and significant cost savings.

Liquidity through lending with Toqio

Insights that grow your business

Aggregate and integrate data from across multiple sources such as CRM and ERP systems and unlock deep data insights on your merchants to boost productivity, performance, and growth efforts.

Define the views you need to make more informed decisions.

Build new merchant solutions

Combine financial and non-financial data to develop valuable targeted financial products, like growth capital loans for top performers. Commercially link products for unified experiences and unique opportunities.

Get insights on credit

Leverage merchant inventory and revenue data to help financial service providers improve credit assessments and maximize product distribution.

Evaluate distribution health

Understand financial exposure throughout all your lending products to align corporate and third-party capital with growth goals.

Toqio data analytics

What we solve


Working capital for your SME distributors and merchants

Automated digital financing solutions including receivables finance, asset based lending, merchant cash advance, growth and invoice financing to meet short-term cash flow needs quickly.

Key benefits

  • Increased loyalty
  • Preferred access
  • Increased revenue

Distribution network liquidity optimization

Automated invoice and revenue collections streamline cash conversion cycles, enhancing control and visibility for improved planning.

Key benefits

  • Improved experience
  • New revenue streams
  • Cost reduction
  • Cash flow optimization

Key industry examples

Every organization is unique with varying needs. Discover how we can help you optimize opportunities wherever and whenever they occur.


New customer retention strategy - food 
and beverage

A European brewery embarks upon a new customer retention strategy.


Member engagement: Pharmaceutical distribution

A large Spanish cooperative seeks to engage more with its members.

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