We are diverse, not just “committed to diversity”

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It has been over 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising and the subsequent foundation of annual Gay Pride demonstrations, first in the USA then worldwide. Those demonstrations have, over time, given way to parades and celebrations. Both types of gathering have been seminal in the evolution of gay rights – from being something discussed as a curiosity at dinner tables to being protected by legislation in many nations. The Gay Pride movement is undoubtedly an important part of contemporary social history, but it’s also part of a greater trend toward social diversity and inclusivity, especially at the workplace. That’s something that must be an intrinsic part of an organization, not just an insubstantial PR campaign that pops up in June every year.

At Toqio, diversity is a fundamental part of our corporate culture. Ensuring that the company would be open and friendly to all was one of the motivating factors of our founding team. The only criteria by which we judge candidates are how professionally competent they are and how aligned their personal ethics are with our company values. We celebrate the individuality of our team members with regard to numerous characteristics. This includes their sexual orientation, certainly, but also encompasses their sex, age, religion, race, neuro-capability, ethnicity, gender identity, national origin, and ability status.

While some claim that plurality leads to cacophony, we’ve found that by orchestrating different voices harmoniously, our organization has created a work environment that is sublimely symphonic. We firmly believe that talent can come from anywhere. Hence, we currently employ professionals in 5 countries from 20 national backgrounds who speak just as many languages and work from dozens of locations worldwide – and we’re growing.

Mind you, not everyone agrees on everything all the time, but interactions at Toqio are based on empathy, respect, and courtesy. We value different ideas and people who are curious, those who genuinely want to learn about the experiences of others in order to forge lasting connections.

If you think you’d like to join us, visit our talent page. If there isn’t a position currently open that’s just right for you, send us your CV anyway. We’re always looking for promising professionals.

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