Toqio sponsors the launch of a new podcast

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Toqio has sponsored the launch of a new podcast. The show, called “Embedded in the Market”, will revolve around embedded finance, its effects on the market, its challenges and opportunities, and other aspects of the concept.

The show will offer a new 20-minute episode every two weeks and is available on numerous podcast platforms, including Apple, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, SoundCloud, and many more.


In the inaugural episode, host Frank Robledano chats with Toqio’s Michael Pierce, exploring the fundamentals of embedded finance, the incredible market opportunities that this concept offers, the associated risks, and how embedded finance and banking-as-a-service (BaaS), though related, are vastly different.

Future episodes will include interviews with thought leaders in the embedded finance and corporate spaces, as well as with expert staff ready to demystify embedded finance and discuss what they consider to be relevant key issues.

The podcast is hosted and launched via the Ausha platform. According to team members involved with the podcast project, Ausha has an excellent interface as well as a variety of distribution and analytical tools that will prove to be invaluable to their efforts.

The Toqio team is clear that the goal of the show will be to build a community of forward-thinking professionals who are ready to embrace the future of finance.

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