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Our multicultural team is based in 5 countries



We believe curiosity is the lifeblood of innovation. The next big idea is out there if we’re willing to dive deep enough to find it. That’s why we’re all naturally curious and see the value in questioning everything.


People at Toqio don’t just believe in our work - they believe in our core values of positive change. Everyone here helps shape our company into a more vibrant place to do business, as well as making our society better.


We believe there are solutions to all problems, so we’re seeking out of the box thinkers who face challenges head on, and look forward to innovating their way around every obstacle.


We’re a diverse and multicultural team that bring many perspectives into our workforce. We strive to make Toqio a place where everyone feels welcome and has a sense of belonging to a family.

Toqio’s Sustainability Commitment

As part of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, we’re fully committed to helping ongoing development – economic, social, and environmental. These are values we live and work by at Toqio.

What’s in our DNA?

Diversity, equality and inclusion

Diversity is the fuel behind our innovation. We want the most talented people, regardless of background, and have a talent selection process that reflects that. We aim to reach an equal gender balance, currently 39% women.

Work-life balance

Toqio believes in doing what’s best for our people and our planet. That’s why we operate a hybrid solution, based mostly on remote working. This helps us become more carbon neutral, and strikes a better work-home balance for our people.


Growth from financial inclusion

We’re a firm believer in creating greater financial inclusion. This includes building market alliances in a collaborative ecosystem through Toqio’s marketplace, and helping reduce financial bribery and corruption.

Innovation and cooperation

Toqio believes that innovation thrives when we form better business alliances. That’s why we strive to help companies become better integrated into value chains.

Our family of innovators is growing. Why not join us?

We’re looking to expand our diverse and talented team. And hopefully, to do some of the things people tell us are impossible. Here’s what you can expect at Toqio.

Above Market Compensation

Every effort needs to be rewarded and we want Toqio members to feel valued. Salary proposals are 10-15% above benchmark gross compensation.

Phantom Shares Program

We want Toqio members to feel part of the project so we give them the opportunity to participate in it with phantom shares.

Flexible Working Policy

Aiming to reach a work-life balance for all TOQIO members we offer a flexible working policy with a remote option to facilitate family conciliation.

International Team

Discover our talented team of +45 people based in +5 countries and with over 12 nationalities.

Custom Perks Package

Focused on satisfying the employees' needs and willing to meet their expectations.

Member Stories

What it’s like to be part of Toqio

If you’re wondering about the team working atmosphere we promote, team members and former colleagues tell you about their experience at Toqio.

Almudena Solera
Customer Success Manager

"Toqio is the best fintech startup you can ever work in- loads of top notch leaders working shoulder to shoulder, and making things happen adding your value- no matter where you are based, Toqio allows you to work physically from anywhere suits you best. This is the first company where I was able to have a proper balance between work and my personal life/family. If you want to learn and feel productive, this is your place! Come and join us!"

Jing Xu
Product Owner & Founding Team Member

"I am very proud to be one the oldest employees of Toqio. To me, Toqio is not just a working place, it also guides me to find the career goal that I am passionate about and provides me with all the opportunities and resources that I need to achieve it. Knowledge sharing, diversity and teamwork are highly valued, the informal and friendly working atmosphere also keeps me closely involved in the company!"

Silvia Matesanz
Senior Marketing & Growth Manager

"From the moment you start the Toqio adventure, you notice that creativity, passion and confidence are part of the DNA. Sharing knowledge from anywhere in the world, the values that connect us and keep growing and developing my career is inspiring and makes me proud to be part of the story!"

Think you’d fit in at Toqio?

If you have talent, ambition, and think you’d be perfect for one of these roles, let’s talk.

Senior Back-End Developer

We are looking now for a talented, passionate and motivated Java Spring Developer to help build this amazing diverse team, with a range of skills and backgrounds, to tackle the next set of challenges.

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Product Owner

Our team is a B2B experienced and focused group of professionals full of passion and with an open minded and diverse culture. We are a senior multidisciplinary team with more than 10 years of proven track record united by a common vision.

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Manager of Engineering

We are looking for an experienced VP of engineering to manage a diverse development team. The responsibilities of a VP of engineering include leading a team of developers and engineers, collaborating with product owners, and improving the technical roadmap.

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Mobile Developer

We are looking now for a talented, passionate and motivated React Native Developer to help build this amazing diverse team, with a range of skills and backgrounds, to tackle the next set of challenges.

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We are looking now for a talented, passionate and motivated HR Specialist to help build this amazing diverse team, with a range of skills and backgrounds, to tackle the next set of challenges.

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We’re always on the lookout for new talent

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