One system that does absolutely everything you need it to do

Craft your solution, administer it, add a-la-carte features, integrate with your CRM, build your own modules - and that’s just the beginning!

Select from our trusted providers for core functions

We’ve partnered with several fully compliant and licensed BaaS providers to offer built-in features so you can focus on making your solution the best it can be.

Discover how you can use the Toqio platform!

Ensure you’re including market-leading compliance and security

Create a comprehensive and safe digital experience for your users, powered by expert KYC, KYB, anti-fraud, and transaction monitoring tools, all managed via the Toqio Platform.

KYB/KYC checks to prevent application fraud

Total monitoring of PEP sanction screening

Device security checks, including e-mail, phones, etc.

Full biometric scan functions to verify identities

Fully GDPR-compliant company reports

PSD2 secure customer authentication

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Launch process summary

1. Set up your space

Create your workspace on Toqio, set up your administrators, then select the partners with whom you’d like to work.

2. Select your services

Choose the financial service modules you need to wow your users with an overwhelmingly positive digital experience.

3. Apply your branding

Use our platform to configure your build as much as you like by adding your brand's unique imagery, colours, look and feel, and more!

4. Not enough?
Add your own features

If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, you can always customize your solution by creating what you need.

5. All done?
Go live!

Launch your product and get it into your users' hands, we'll handle core platform updates and provide you with tech support.