Our leadership team has extensive fintech and entrepreneurial experience. They are passionate about building a diverse and inclusive company attracting top industry talent.

Eduardo Martínez

CEO and Co-Founder

Mike Galvin

CCO and Co-founder

Arancha Riestra

Vice President, People

Michael Pierce

Vice President, Sales

Kunal Galav

Vice President, Product

Daniella Rhodes

Director of Tech Research and Innovation

Rodrigo Iglesias

Director of Product Research and Innovation

Jessica Armada

Finance Lead

Board & Advisors

We are fortunate to have some of the most incredibly creative and focussed individuals in our industry on our board and as advisors.

Gabriel de Montessus

Chairman of the Board, Head of Worldpay Global Enterprise

Aristotelis Xenofontos

Partner, Seaya Ventures

Enrique Martinez Hausmann

Principal, Speedinvest

Jay Wilson

Investment Director, AlbionVC

Yin Yan

Principal, F10 (formerly SIX Fintech Ventures)

Beatriz Gonzalez

Founding/Managing Partner, Seaya Ventures (Board Advisor)

Joerg Floeck

Executive Chairman, Speedinvest (Board Advisor)


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