The SME lending industry

In the SME lending industry increasingly firms are being challenged to offer more than just capital, SME business owners are digitally native and expect experiences and services that mirror those that they consume in their personal lives.

Just Cashflow is a UK focussed lender who understands the customers needs deeply, they offer flexible funding to improve cash flow management and invest in growth opportunities. As a business they themselves have invested in technology to speed up their decisions, fund faster and retain customers for longer.

John Davies the Chairman of the JLG Group has a vision that provides the capital SMEs need to grow as well as the banking services so they can fund transactions faster, deliver greater value and capture more insight, all consumed across multiple devices.

The challenge

Promoting customer loyalty has been a key topic for lenders for a number of years.

During COVID-19 we saw an accelerated digital transformation across a range of industries and a by-product of that has been increased expectations around lending experiences and services. These expectations have created an opportunity for lenders to strengthen and deepen their customer relationships and ultimately better retain the customers they serve.

The solution

Before approaching Toqio, JCF considered three alternatives:

  • Building a solution themselves
  • JCF to comment here.

The results

The primary benefits Just Cashflow saw when they began working with Toqio were rapid time to launch and market differentiation from many of the other alternative non bank lenders in the hyper competitive market.

In addition, Toqio played a pivotal role in helping Just Cashflow offer a broader range of services and serve customers with new and more flexible funding products.  Additionally we are working on opportunities for embedded lending via the Toqio marketplace.

Looking ahead

Toqio continues to collaborate closely with Just Cashflow, we are actively working on the creation of new products with the customer experience at the heart of it.

Our account product with Toqio and Railsbank is now launched and in soft roll out to friendly customers. As well as rolling out to existing customers we are developing a new offering that combines a revolving credit facility with an account for early-stage companies including those going through a pre-pack administration. Going forward we are looking to work with Toqio on their product development road-map to deliver enhanced customer information and integrated credit products.

Mike Smith
Executive Director of Banking, JCF

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