Unparalleled online banking

Draw on next-generation banking to scale your business

Toqio delivers a digital current account which seamlessly integrates with a range of Fintech platforms, and provides intelligent, realtime acces to financial products.

Android, iOS and web banking

Multi Currency accounts

Domestic & International Payments

Expense Management

Multi-User and Multi-Lingual

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Drive profitable relationships

Easy, end-to-end, no-code billing

View detailed financial reports, and create and manage subscriptions and invoices. Automatically deposit billing fees in their designated revenue account. Access a marketplace of integrated products which deliver immediate profitable revenue from launch.

Market-leading compliance and regulation

In as little as 3 minutes, experience total digital onboarding powered by expert KYC, KYB, fraud, and transaction monitoring platforms, all connected to Toqio’s in-app onboarding. Manage your current account, users, and user cards on a secure and scalable platform.

Application fraud and checks

PEPs and sanctions monitoring

Email, phone and device security checks

Biometric identity verifications

Full company reports, GDPR-compliant

PSD2 secure customer authentication

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