Automated Registration

The Toqio onboarding solution gives you a range of options for how to register your clients taking into account whether they are a consumer or business as well as country specific requirements.

  • Digitally register users direct from your website using our registration wizard
  • Invite users onto the platform from our administration portal
  • Connect your systems to Toqio and automatically onboard clients via our API

Flexible Compliance Processes

Our compliance solutions allow you to leverage a range of compliance flows which effectively check and onboard consumers, sole traders, SMEs, corporates, and charities.

Experience realtime application fraud detection

Implement identity verification with 2+2 check, biometrick identification via selfie or video, and realtime analysis of government IDs

Complete a full PEPs and sanctions check at the point of onboarding, along with ongoing monitoring

Access a range of business data, including registered company information, company structure, director details, and even credit scores

Powerful Compliance Integrations

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