Leadership Team

VP of People
Arancha Riestra

Architect by training, designer by vocation I am a creative professional highly committed to design and quality of details.

Chief Technology Officer
Daniella Lorenzo Rhodes

From a young age I’ve always loved everything related to technology. I was brought up on an island where we didn’t really study technology in depth so when I started my computer engineering career I was amazed by the things that could be done.

Co-Founder & CEO
Eduardo Martínez

Eduardo is an avid entrepreneur who has set up, run and supported numerous ventures over the last 20 years. Eduardo spent his earlier career in senior positions at Accenture, but has years’ of experience working globally and with start-ups.

Product Owner
Jingxuan Xu

Passionate about product design, fintech and Chinese hotpot.

Chief Product Officer
Rodrigo Iglesias

After studying and working as a radio journalist for a few years I realised I was more interested in technology than in news, so I decided to move in that direction by creating a company working on developing software and running digital alphabetisation in the rural world.

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